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This is the true story of how one woman reclaimed happiness 

on her own terms. 

In her mid-forties, Jan found herself at a crossroads when her orderly life veered off course. A devastating divorce and a sudden death in the family made her realize it was time to make her dreams of road-tripping around the USA come true, even if she had to go alone. 

Part memoir, part travel guide, and part inspirational push, this book is a celebration of traveling, writing, and courage. 



Top Seller

Part memoir, part cookbook, and part informational guide, Bookworms Anonymous by Jan Stafford Kellis describes the author’s experiences with her unique book club in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Kellis reveals a nontraditional club in 8 sample meetings, where readers buy only the books they want and take the time they need to read them. Their “read, eat, meet, repeat” structure bonds the members, creating a community extending well beyond the literary world. Kellis offers Book Handling Commandments (do not dog-ear pages) and lively instructions on how to establish your own book club. Filled with personal anecdotes, book reviews, menus, and over twenty recipes, Bookworms Anonymous is designed for anyone who loves to read and wants to enhance the experience.

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Volume II

The women are gathered again! Bookworms Anonymous is a non-traditional reading group established in 2000, comprised of seven women in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They meet monthly to share a gourmet vegetarian meal and discuss and swap books.

Part memoir, part cookbook and part celebration of words and reading, Bookworms Anonymous Vol. II contains many of the same things found in Vol. I: reading group meetings, anecdotes, book reviews & recipes.

"A delightful read for any book lover, Bookworms Anonymous II is packed with great reading recommendations and insightful conversation from seven savvy readers. Book club-friendly recipes are a delicious bonus! Now, I'm off to the bookstore..." - Kathleen Flinn, author of The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

"A warm celebration of two of life's most vital ingredients--books and friendships." - Ellen Airgood, author of South of Superior and Prairie Evers

"A love letter to reading, beautifully rendered, and with all the warmth and fun and closeness of your favorite book club on that perfect meeting night." - Robert Kurson, author of Shadow Divers and Crashing Through

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Customer Favorite

We all make irrevocable choices, then wonder what would have happened if we'd chosen differently. Ellen Marchand is living with the rash decisions she made when she was fifteen years old, and she's finally about to learn whether or not her regrets are real or unfounded.

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A tale of betrayal, redemption and the consequences of silence by the author of Bookworms Anonymous and The Word That You Heard. This is the story of Mitch and Marcia: twins, best friends and local celebrities in the small town of Iron Falls, Michigan. Mitch’s superhuman dedication to his detective job and Marcia’s near-obsessive focus on her family and bookstore business appear ordinary until the secret they’ve shared for three and a half decades threatens to surface.

The Word That You Heard


Flashback to 1980: Enid comes of age in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where there isn't much to do in the summer or any other time of year for a twelve-year-old girl. Her summer education includes listening to the "drunken pontificators" lecture in the coffee shop about what not to do as she joins her dad at the local table for their morning refueling. Her mother and grandmother provide conflicting advice on maturing gracefully and younger sister Chloe dances her way through the days, oblivious of Enid's struggle to define herself. Enid learns life can't be distilled into mere words and small towns sometimes offer the widest view of humanity.

A Pocketful of Light


Culture. Couture. Cuisine.
Italy has it all and she’s willing to share. Explore the world’s original tourist destination with this thoroughly researched and enjoyed trip of a lifetime. Share this delightful Italian adventure as Jan and her daughter meet old friends, make new ones and discover the myriad ways travel can expand and improve relationships and change the way we see the world. Incorporating the traditional triumvirate (Venice-Florence-Rome) with Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, their trip is a perfect blend of urban and rural Italy.
A Pocketful of Light features the Fibonacci Sequence, a few non-painful history lessons and some funky Italian phrases as well as the friendly recounting of two travelers exploring the second greatest country in the world.
Warning: Reading this book may cause an irresistible urge to travel to Italy.

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