Hey, thanks for stopping by! I was born reading and started writing soon thereafter. Words fascinate me, and I read and write every day. I live in the eastern end (the best end) of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where the living is easy and the inspiration is plentiful.

I read my way through school, hastening to finish schoolwork so I could pull out a paperback. I carried a book everywhere I went, and this practice continues today. If you happen to see me in line at a store or stopped at a road construction site, chances are I’m reading, hoping the delay lasts until the end of the chapter.

When I was 17, I ran away from home and moved to a town 60 miles from my parents. I worked at a credit union for eight and a half years, progressing from teller to accounting clerk to accounting manager to internal auditor. By then, I lived an hour from work, (having moved back to my original hometown) and found a job with a commute of 1/4 mile. This new job was at an electric utility company, and the first day I worked there, one of my new coworkers said: “You’ll like working here. The days are long, but the years are short.” I started my career there in 1997, and I’m still there today, working as a field engineer. My commute is now 10 miles each way. I get to drive a company truck and meet interesting people and use tools such as a sledge hammer, a range finder and a brush axe. Somehow during these years in the work force, I managed to have two daughters and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Davenport University. 

Jan in Seattle, WA September 2013

Time passes so quickly, due to the short years mentioned above, I’m now enjoying an empty nest and I love to visit my daughters whenever I get the chance. Both daughters, Dani and Steph, live in Haines, Alaska, near my three granddaughters, Pearl, Onyx, and Zephyr.  I visit Alaska as often as possible, and I highly recommend it as a vacation destination for anyone who hasn’t yet been there.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m probably visiting my daughters or my sister, or sewing, quilting, knitting, traveling, marathon shopping, luxury camping, or making soap. I haven’t been bored since 1974, when I first learned how to read.

Bookstores and libraries are my favorite attractions and are always part of my travel itineraries.

If you’re obsessed with reading, interested in writing, and like to travel and create things, we’ll get along like paper and glue.

In 2019, I discovered the magical benefits of handmade soap and quickly became addicted to making soap. I started the DeTour Soap Co., and my soaps are featured at the Timberdoodle Gift Shop in DeTour and in Raeann's Boutique in Pickford, MI. The DeTour Soap Co. does presentations and shows on the road throughout the year.


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